Adverse Credit Mortgages

A large proportion of the UK’s population have had some sort of credit issue. This could be as innocent as a bounced direct debit or exceeding ones overdraft limit right to the top by defaulting on a credit agreement or getting a County Court Judgement

Mortgages up to 75% LTV
Easy application process

Useful to “incorporate” existing portfolio ( after tax advice )

Competitive rates

Free Valuation & Legal Fee deals often available.

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Having an adverse credit file need not necessarily mean an expensive mortgage.

As part of the fact-finding process we ask you to download your credit file so we know exactly what the lenders will see. Quite often there are mistakes on a credit file if identified early can be rectified prior to making an application. You can download your file using this link below.

Most lenders ignore issues longer than 6 years old as they no longer appear on your file but all lenders ask for no recent issues. Our expert knowledge enables us to best match a lender to your circumstances and quite often small indiscretions can mean we can get cases through at standard rates. Having a low score can be as bad as having a bad file but we have lenders that manually underwrite cases and do not use a “computer says no” approach

  • Max LTV 90%
  • CCJ’s Defaults accepted
  • IVA
  • Discharged bankrupts
  • Debt Management Plans
  • Missed / Late ayments
  • Low credit scores

Why choose us?

Here are a few reasons to choose Chess Mortgages.

Experienced advisers

We’ve been advising clients on mortgages for over 40 years.

We move fast

No need to wait; we respond & process applications quickly.

Whole of market

We scour UK lenders, private banks & offshore lenders for deals.

What you need to know…

Can I get a mortgage with a low score?

Yes .. not all lenders use credit scoring so often we can arrange mortgage for low scoring applicants. Simple things like being on a voters roll and repaying credit cards monthly can boost scores

I have a CCJ. Does that mean my chances are nil?

No not at all. Small CCJ’s up to £250 are ignored usually especially if they are cleared prior to application. If it’s a large amount then that will need explaining. Any CCJ paid off within 30 days of registration can be totally removed from your file.

There are items on my file I don’t recognise. What can I do?

You can contact that credit reference agency in question and point out the error. It could a fraudulent entry. It is advisable to sign up to a credit reporting agency to keep track of your file.

What our clients say…

"Excellent service and I would highly recommend to others"

Had the pleasure of instructing Chess Mortgages. Jaz was incredibly professional and impressive in her handling of my remortgage application. My application was dealt with within a week! Excellent service and I would highly recommend Jaz to others. Thank you Jaz!

Shaida Hussein

"Award winning mortgage advisors & I can see why"

Bob stepped in at very notice to assist us when we were in danger of missing out on our perfect home. We were impressed with advice we'd seen Bob provide on a forum, which was clear and sensible. It was later we found out that Chess are award winning mortgage advisors and I can see why.

Iftikhar Ahmad

"Chess was by far the best decision we made in looking for a mortgage"

I can't thank Jaz and Bob enough for their efforts in helping my wife and I in secure a mortgage. The process was effortless and they took weight off our shoulders. Having gone through getting a mortgage a number of times, I can safely say using Chess was by far the best decision we made. I will be using them again.

Shamit Rooproy


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