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The Buy to Let market, particularly over the last 25 years, has led to a property ownership revolution. Anyone and everyone wants a BTL portfolio. Where do you start? Who ? What? Where? How? What are the risks and rewards? What to look out for? So many questions need to be considered and addressed before you embark on this journey. Quite often specialist tax advice is needed especially where circumstances are complex. Those who entered the market long ago have seen their portfolios grow in stature and profitability.

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    We offer a wide range of mortgage options for buy to let.

    The mortgage market is ever evolving where new rates, schemes and criteria changes are a daily occurrence in this fast-paced field. Our job is to keep pace with the changes and provide you with accurate and relevant advice based on your circumstances and what’s right for you. We pride ourselves in quickly identifying solutions to your needs and providing a personal service.

    • Mortgages up to 85% LTV
    • Generous max loan calculations
    • Use markets rent than actual rent for better loan outcome
    • Specialist lenders for higher rate tax payers
    • Up to 4 applicants
    • No maximum age

    Why choose us?

    These are just a few reasons why you should choose Chess Mortgages for your buy to let purchase.

    Experienced advisors

    We’ve been advising clients on mortgages for over 40 years.

    We move fast

    No need to wait; we respond & process applications quickly.

    Whole of market

    We scour UK lenders, private banks & offshore lenders for deals.

    What you need to know...

    Do you charge a fee?

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    Do you offer mortgage protection for Buy to Let mortgages?

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    What is a Buy to Let property? (BTL)

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    What is the maximum LTV available on BTL mortgages?

    The maximum is 85%. The rates at this level are high and the calculations are very rigid. Most BTL mortgages are at 75% or less where the rates are very competitive and often less than residential mortgage rates in some circumstances.

    Can I have a repayment mortgage on my BTL?

    Yes in theory you can. But do you really want to? If its purpose is to provide you with an income in retirement then it could be suitable but is it best advice? Most BTL mortgages are interest only and borrowers understand the debt will not decrease and will be repaid most likely from a sale of the property. With a repayment mortgage your payments will be much higher and may not leave sufficient surplus to cover voids, taxes and repairs. If rates rise unexpectedly then the payments may be higher than the rent which will put your cash flow under great stress.

    Whats the maximum age for a BTL mortgage?

    Some lenders allow up to age 75 but we have specialist lenders that allow much longer and up to age 100. The minimum age is 21. Age is really a number in the BTL market.

    I have Loans and credit commitments – will it affect my mortgage eligibility on my BTL mortgage?

    As long as all loans and commitments are well maintained this will usually have no impact on the maximum loan but having too much debt is not a good thing and should be well managed. For BTL mortgages the rent achievable on the property decides the maximum mortgage subject to a few calculations.

    I have some missed and late payments showing on my credit file. Can I still get a mortgage?

    Lenders are very understanding these days. As long as the entries are historic or have been cleared/dealt with lenders will look to lend albeit the rates will reflect the level of adverse history. You must monitor your credit score and learn how to keep it rising. CLICK HERE to access your credit file so we can see it.

    Can I call you to get some advice even if I don’t use you for your mortgage service?

    Yes. We like to help where we can and for any informal pointers simply email us on and we will reply as soon as possible.

    What our clients say...

    "Excellent service and I would highly recommend to others"

    Had the pleasure of instructing Chess Mortgages. Jaz was incredibly professional and impressive in her handling of my remortgage application. My application was dealt with within a week! Excellent service and I would highly recommend Jaz to others. Thank you Jaz!

    Shaida Hussein

    "Award winning mortgage advisors & I can see why"

    Bob stepped in at very notice to assist us when we were in danger of missing out on our perfect home. We were impressed with advice we'd seen Bob provide on a forum, which was clear and sensible. It was later we found out that Chess are award winning mortgage advisors and I can see why.

    Iftikhar Ahmad

    "Chess was by far the best decision we made in looking for a mortgage"

    I can't thank Jaz and Bob enough for their efforts in helping my wife and I in secure a mortgage. The process was effortless and they took weight off our shoulders. Having gone through getting a mortgage a number of times, I can safely say using Chess was by far the best decision we made. I will be using them again.

    Shamit Rooproy

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