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Buying a house is likely to be one of the largest investments and happiest moment for most people. Having taken the loan it makes logical sense to protect the mortgage against any unforeseen eventuality e.g. death, critical illness or long term sickness. Most people take a fully protected mortgage to make sure their loved ones aren’t left facing a repossession after the death of a bread winner. The costs are surprisingly low and should be budgeted for as part of your monthly costs.

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    Mortgage protection is part and parcel of the mortgage process. Most lenders recommend that suitable protection is put into place to protect the loan amount and the monthly payments in the unforeseen eventuality of death, critical illness or long term sickness. 

    It makes perfect sense to do so. Why would you insure your car and not the house you live in?

    Mortgage Protection comes in the following forms;

    Life Insurance – This life policy can be on a sole or joint basis and the cover can be on a level or deceasing basis both with fixed premiums throughout the term. The policy can be for life cover only or critical illness cover only but usually it’s a combination of the two.

    The life policy pays out the tax free sum assured if you die during the term of the policy. The policy is written into trust so the funds are paid to the beneficiaries quickly without the need for probate so the mortgage can be repaid. Any surplus sum can be used however the family wish.

    If the policy has cover for Critical Illness then this is paid if a listed illness is contracted and the policyholder survives for a certain period after. This is also tax free and paid to the policy holder to use as they wish. They can clear/reduce the mortgage or use the funds on their healthcare. These plans are quite sophisticated and lots of bells and whistles can be added to make a bespoke policy.

    For the self employed a regular income is essential. During times of long term sickness or injury the income can suddenly stop but the mortgage has to be repaid. An income protection plan that pays a monthly income after a short period is essential in ensuring the mortgage payments are paid on time. Late or missed payments will seriously has your credit profile going forward. The longer you can wait to receive funds from this policy the cheaper the plan becomes. Its an essential piece in the protection jigsaw puzzle.

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    What you need to know...

    Can I get a policy that pays on death whenever that may be?

    Yes – normal mortgage protection policies are linked to the mortgage term but you take out a policy for your whole life. The cost for this type of policy is greater than a fixed term policy.

    Can the policy be joint with my partner?

    Yes – it can be joint or sole. In both cases the policy ceases after the first claim unless there is a provision for the survivors cover to continue.

    What if I cant keep up the repayments?

    If the payments are unable to be made due to long term illness some policies have payment protection built in them and the insurer will pay the premiums for you till you are better. If it’s for another reason then the insurer will cease cover. Cover can later be reinstated subject to medical underwriting but it is likely to be dearer due to an increase in your age or if there has been a deterioration in health.

    Do these plans have a cash in value or maturity value?

    No – they do not usually provide any investment value.

    What is the main benefit of placing a policy in trust?

    The funds fall outside the deceased’s estate so avoids inheritance tax on this sum and the funds are paid sooner to the beneficiaries as probate does not have to be obtained.

    Does the lender take a legal charge on the policy?

    It is no longer the practice to take a legal charge. You can use your policy to cover any mortgage and take it from home to home.

    What if my next mortgage is for a larger sum and for longer?

    We can arrange an add on policy either with the same insurer or another provider if the terms are better

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    "Excellent service and I would highly recommend to others"

    Had the pleasure of instructing Chess Mortgages. Jaz was incredibly professional and impressive in her handling of my remortgage application. My application was dealt with within a week! Excellent service and I would highly recommend Jaz to others. Thank you Jaz!

    Shaida Hussein

    "Award winning mortgage advisors & I can see why"

    Bob stepped in at very notice to assist us when we were in danger of missing out on our perfect home. We were impressed with advice we'd seen Bob provide on a forum, which was clear and sensible. It was later we found out that Chess are award winning mortgage advisors and I can see why.

    Iftikhar Ahmad

    "Chess was by far the best decision we made in looking for a mortgage"

    I can't thank Jaz and Bob enough for their efforts in helping my wife and I in secure a mortgage. The process was effortless and they took weight off our shoulders. Having gone through getting a mortgage a number of times, I can safely say using Chess was by far the best decision we made. I will be using them again.

    Shamit Rooproy

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